History Of Different Strokes Southampton

We want to give you an understanding of how this group came about and thought of a novel way of doing this...thanks to Andy Clay's poetic skills, below is a poem that describes what happened...

It all seems such a long time ago,
the journey that Ranj, and myself have followed.
It was a wet Septembers day,
yet, changes were coming our way.
The most unlikely of two people who met,
my own mind being full of anxiety and fret.
We'd both survived a stroke,
wanting to give something back, was the evoke.
Many gathered to hear what I wanted to do,
to start a group, for people like me and you.
I talked about how I felt so isolated and alone,
a chord that struck with Ranj, firmly hit home.
He and I, chatted, and we were of the same thoughts,
we both wanted what was right, so that we could continue upon journeys course.
We opened the group at a disability centre,
then a few years on a church, we entered.
Finally we stumbled upon Sainsbury's, quite unaware,
of the possibilities they had to offer.
The group has organically grown,
progress has defiantly been shown.
With a local gym, that we substitute the cost,
many people are now no longer isolated and feeling lost.
So, from a small seed, that Ranj, and myself had sewn,
an oak has firmly taken root and grown.
The flow of people are always welcomed most,
It's so rewarding to be the host.
We keep in contact with hospitals, universities, and many other stroke related groups,
we cater for whatever suits.
Of all the friends that either have stayed or gone,
Ranj, is certainly my best friend bar none.
Our lives are so different in so many ways,
yet, the possibilities have been endless that brought us together that day.