“I’m an illness that you can never see, I am cloaked, all thanks to my invisibility. 
You will never really know when I shall strike, I shall attack you, both by day or by night.
You may have a feeling that I’m fastly approaching; like a smog or smoke, I can be rather choking.
You shall succumb to my unrelenting power, and you will drop like a petal from a flower.
Your friends won’t understand my strength, they cannot comprehend just how I’m so intense.
I’m relentless and shall not ever go away, get used to it, I’m going to be with you every single day.
People shall sympathise and give great pity, I can rule you forever, be it in the garden, the house, a holiday or just a trip to the city. 
You’ve never had an illness like me before, and I’m something that you just cannot ignore, and believe me I have no cure.
I may lay dormant, for a few hours or maybe more; but I shall strike again.... you’ve only yourself to blame;
Yes, Fatigue is in fact and indeed my under estimated given Name.”